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Firefox webgpu support

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WebGPU API. W3C Posts First Public Working Drafts For WebGPU, WebGPU Shading Language. . .



WebGPU is the W3C-backed web standard for modern graphics and compute that is based upon concepts from the likes of Vulkan and Direct3D 12.

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My setup has an AMD Radeon RX590 and I am using open source drivers. . But, nothing got broken.

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Fixed an issue which caused Picture-in-Picture windows to not be snappable on Windows 11 or on systems with the FancyZones PowerToy installed ( bug 1832331) Fixed a video playback crash on some Windows systems with Intel graphics ( bug 1831329) Fixed a bug which could cause Firefox to freeze on some pages when loading.

AWS ParallelCluster 3. not urgent, still nice to have WebGPU working.

. 1, if you’re interested) has been pushed out and will arrive as a regular software update to all Ubuntu 23.

The PWebGPU IPDL protocol, which carries those.

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Standards. Chrome 113 arrived with WebGPU switched on by default in early April, and Google is pitching the technology as a way to run. ONNX Runtime Installation. .

The promise behind WebGPU is an exceptionally faster API provided through lower level control to system graphics resources from JavaScript. . Apr 18, 2023 · WebGPU is the successor to WebGL, providing better compatibility with modern GPUs, support for general-purpose GPU computations, faster operations, and access to more advanced GPU features. .

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exe. Google published information about some of the vulnerabilities patched in the new Chrome version on its Chrome Releases blog. Firefox In Nightly set dom.

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The shortcuts button in the Customize Chrome side panel lets you toggle the speed-dials that. Currently, Chrome Canary is the browser with the best support for the WebGPU standard, and Chrome plans to have WebGPU support in an official. webgpu.

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Let's say that if you plan to use this feature, then Mozilla Firefox users would be able to see it perfectly on Mozilla.

The WebGPU support across platforms is not extraordinary yet it seems. js. In addition, WebGPU. May 18, 2023 · WebGPU has started making waves because Chrome just shipped WebGPU support in Chrome 113, which means people with normal Chrome releases can start testing it.